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Welcome, and I sincerely appreciate your interest in the Panhandle Area Bass Association!

This site is primarily a method to query the Florida Panhandle area (including, of course, S. Alabama. and SW Georgia) tournament anglers regarding the formation of a new tournament circuit in this area.

Nothing on this site is set in stone. If enough interest is generated to proceed we will at least have a basis to build upon. I would never presume that what I wrote down should ever be the "way it is" without input and opinion.

Here are some of my thoughts as to what I would like to see this idea mature into:

Above all else I want a fun, family oriented, organization. I see weigh-in's complete with cookout following each tournament. Socialization along with awards, food, and fish stories!

Divisions for both club and  individual competition. Championships for not only individual anglers, but a club championship also. Scoring would be the same, but for the club aspect all club member points would be added to determine the winning club.

With increased participation I see sponsorship of the tournaments. Sponsorship enables additional prizes and payouts as well as better incentives to the season champion(s). Ultimately I would like to have a new boat as the season championship award, but that would be on down the road a ways.

Your commitment to the creation and conduct of a association like this will be the key to it's success.

Again, I solicit your input. Read over the material on this site and please give me feedback. I would like to get up and running for the beginning of 2001 if we can do this.

email your thoughts to me