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ELIGIBILITY: PABA events are, unless otherwise specified, open to PABA members in good standing only.

FORMAT: All PABA Qualifying tournaments will be draw format. Other formats may be used for special tournaments, but tournaments towards season championship will be draw. PABA Tournaments will be Sunday events to minimize the impact on other club or open tournaments in the area.

ALCOHOL: Absolutely no alcohol may be in possession during tournament hours. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by competitors until after they have weighed their catch. Alcoholic beverages will not be in any competitors boat at any time during the tournament.

SPORTSMANSHIP: All competitors will be expected to adhere to high standards of sportsmanship and conduct during tournament hours.

SAFETY: Each competitor will have a U.S.C.G. approved life jacket. Life jackets must be worn any time that the outboard is running.  All boats will be operated in a courteous and safe manner.

TOURNAMNET HOURS: Tournaments will commence at safe light and end at 3:30pm unless specified otherwise by the tournament director.

PARTNER PAIRING: The pairing of partners will be by random draw at the pre-tournament meeting held the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Boaters will be paired with non-boaters until such time as the non-boaters have all been paired. Once all non-boaters have been paired with a partner, boaters will be paired with other boaters. In the event that there are more non-boaters than boaters the following options will be available to the non-boaters not yet paired: 1) refund of that tournament’s entry fee or  2) guaranteed placement in the next event. Members do not need to be present for pairing, though it is highly recommended. Partners must remain together from tournament start until both anglers catch has been weighed.

PRE-TOURNAMENT MEETING: The pre-tournament meeting will be conducted Wednesday prior to the tournament. The location and time of the meeting will be announced with the tournament schedule. Partner pairings as well as the dissemination of other important information will be conducted at the pre-tournament meeting. This meeting is the equivalent of a bass club meeting and important issues may be decided at it, therefore all participants are encouraged to attend.

PRE-TOURNAMENT PRACTICE: There are no restrictions on pre-tournament practice.

PERMITTED BOATS/MOTORS: All boats used in PABA Tournaments will comply with all mandatory U.S.C.G. requirements for year and size of boat. ABSOLUTELY NO STICK STEERING. All boats must have an operational ignition kill switch, physically attached to the driver any time the outboard is in operation. All boats must have sufficient livewell space to maintain alive two limit catches for the entire tournament day. Maximum horsepower will be 250hp regardless of rating. No boat may have a larger outboard than the rating for that boat.

PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing is permitted anywhere that can be reached by boat without trailering. Anglers may not leave the boat to reach, or attempt to reach, inaccessible locations. Fishing is not permitted within 50 feet of another competitors boat first anchored. Anchored is defined as trolling motor up and an anchor physically on the bottom. No fishing is permitted within 100 feet of any gas pumps. All areas closed to the public are off limits. The tournament launch site is also off limits to fishing.

LIMITS: A tournament limit catch will be 5 bass per angler unless regulations (state, federal, lake, etc..) is less in which case the lower number will apply.  Minimum size of 12 inches unless regulations (State, federal, lake, etc..) is larger in which case the larger minimum size will apply.  At no time will any angler have more than a tournament limit in possession. Upon catching the sixth, and subsequent, bass one must be culled.

FISHING METHODS: All fish must be caught by hook and line in a sporting manner. Trolling as a method of fishing is not permitted. No angler can have more than a single rod in use at one time. Permitted tackle is Casting, spinning or spincast equipment only.

BAIT: Absolutely no live or prepared bait may be used or in possession during tournament hours. The only exception is pork rinds or strips may be used.

WEIGH-IN: Weigh-in will be at 3:30pm. Any competitor not checking in by then will be considered late to weigh-in and penalized at the rate of 1 pound per minute up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes those anglers will be disqualified. The only exception to this rule will be if an anglers boat is disabled and word can be sent to the tournament officials prior to 3:30pm or designated weigh-in time. In this instance the anglers catch will be counted and no late penalties assessed.

PENALTIES: The following penalties will be assessed: Late to weigh in – as stated above. Short Fish – exclusion of the short fish and a 1 pound deduction from total weight. More than a limit presented for weigh-in – exclusion of extra fish in descending order of size starting with largest bass. Violation of alcohol, boat/motor, fishing method or location, bait, safety, or unsportsmanlike conduct rules will result in disqualification.

DISQUALIFICATION: Disqualification will mean loss of all entry fees paid, points earned, or prizes awarded. The decision to disqualify will be made by the tournament director.

CHEATING: Though highly unlikely, any instance of cheating will result in immediate disqualification and ban from any future PABA events. No exceptions, no tolerance.

 PROTESTS: Any protest must be received by the tournament director, in writing, prior to the close of weigh-in. All decisions regarding any protests will be final.